Billy Lee



Billy Lee was presented with two sculptures as a gift by the famous Chinese sculptor Lui Zhengde. Mr. Liu Zhengde was a renowned Chinese sculptor for his allegorical works. Born in Tianmen County, Hubei Province in 1931, he graduated from Wuchang Art College and taught at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, and was a member of the  National Urban Sculpture Art Committee, and China Sculpture Institute. With a sincere heart, he created classic fables, and his main masterpieces are “The Great River Stops”, “The Return of the Yellow Crane”, “The Blind Man Touching the Elephant”, “The Hunter Competing for Wild Geese” and many others.


4th Abstract Class
Sichuan Fine Art Institute


Qingdao Museum


Changsha City, “Reach for the Sky”. The sculpture is about 13X13 m and made of polished stainless steel, paint, glass and computerized LED lights. The glass floor is made up of three concentric circles of light and colour, which reflect, pulsate and radiate outwardly and independently of each other at differing times. The top circular disk has stars of varying sizes cut out of it which is also lit with programed, computerized LED lights to go on and off at different times, suggesting the twinkling of a night sky.