Billy Lee




class photo
Hubei Museum of Art.  “Deconstruction and Reconstruction International Exhibition” Listen to the Silence III  Steel, polished stainless steel
Gallery in Huayidiaosu, Shandong housing a permanent collection of Billy Lee’s sculpture.
3rd Advanced Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Program.

Professor Lee was invited to teach the 3rd Advance Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Class in Beijing. The students continue to come from all over China and from different professional art backgrounds, which is one of the reasons why this co urse so successful.

Whilst in China, Lee was also awarded the “Excellence Prize” for his sculpture “Dream” made for the International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao

He is also a committee member and participant in the China Contemporary Abstract Sculpture Exhibition, held at Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan City. He continues to serve as a consultant for the National China Sculpture Magazine.