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2017 Billy giving a lecture

  Letters and Certificates of Recognition and Appointments   Donghua University, Shanghai Opening Ceremony Guangzhou Fine Art Academy, Guangzhou Visiting Professor, Abstract Sculpture Class   Visiting Professor Xian School of Architecture and Technology Abstract Sculpture Class


2016 Cao Cao Cup

“Cao Cao Cup, Bozhou International Sculpture Exhibition 2016” Homage to Hua Tuo, Painted steel (black and red) 13’ x 4.5’ x 5’ was selected one of 28 sculptures from 498 (18 countries) Bozhou Anhui Province. Received Excellent Prize Space 50 International Sculpture Exhibition, M50 Art Complex, Shanghai The Third Silk Road International Exhibition, Xian National […]


2015 working on concepts

Lan Wan Art Park, Qingdao  Hi-tech industrial complex.  Vessels, polished stainless steel 300cm x 360cm x 250cm (10′ x 12′ x 8′) “The Story of Wuhu City” The 5th Liu Kaiqu International Sculpture Exhibition, Wuhu, Anhui Province Stainless steel, LED lights, solar panels.  450cm x 550cm x 500cm.  Received Excellence prize. Xian Art Museum, Shaanxi […]


2014 Qing Dynasty poster

4th Abstract Class Sichuan Fine Art Institute Hengshui Linqu Qingdao Museum Changsha City, “Reach for the Sky”. The sculpture is about 13X13 m and made of polished stainless steel, paint, glass and computerized LED lights. The glass floor is made up of three concentric circles of light and colour, which reflect, pulsate and radiate outwardly […]


2013 class photo

Hubei Museum of Art.  “Deconstruction and Reconstruction International Exhibition” Listen to the Silence III  Steel, polished stainless steel Gallery in Huayidiaosu, Shandong housing a permanent collection of Billy Lee’s sculpture. 3rd Advanced Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Program. Professor Lee was invited to teach the 3rd Advance Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Class in Beijing. The students continue to come from all over […]


2012 sculpture at night

Public Art Commission Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Steele Creek Division Headquarters. Canopy, is 11.5ft high x 8.5ft in diameter and is made out of 1.5” thick aluminum plate. 2012 Beijing 2nd Advanced Postgraduate Abstract Sculpture Program, Beijing. This year’s class was primarily made up of artists and designers from the public sector, who either owned their […]


2011 lecture panel

2011– China Billy Lee spent over two months in China this summer teaching the first postgraduate master class on abstract sculpture. He was the lead foreign professor invited by the China National Sculpture Magazine and China Sculpture Professional Committee who sponsored this program. Students were selected and hand picked by the committee from all over […]


2010 banquet table

2010- Beijing Last year Billy attended the opening of the Beijing International Art Beinnale where his sculpture is included. He was also invited to present a paper “the influence of technical progress to the development of sculptural forms” at the 16th International China Sculpture Forum. All the papers presented will also be published in the […]