Billy Lee




working on concepts

Lan Wan Art Park, Qingdao 

Hi-tech industrial complex.  Vessels, polished stainless steel 300cm x 360cm x 250cm (10′ x 12′ x 8′)


“The Story of Wuhu City” The 5th Liu Kaiqu International Sculpture Exhibition, Wuhu, Anhui Province

Stainless steel, LED lights, solar panels.  450cm x 550cm x 500cm.  Received Excellence prize.

Xian Art Museum, Shaanxi Province

The 2nd Silk Road International Exhibition


Shanghai Exhibition


5th Abstract Class 


Huayi Diaosu Art Factory, Shandong


Suzhou Art, Design and Technology, visiting professor

Presentation of the Letter of Appointment as a Consultant for Suzhou Sculpture Association


Donghau University, Shanghai.  Professor Billy Lee was invited as a guest speaker to commemorate their 10th anniversary of their Masters Program.